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Pawned – word of the day.

The word pwn is a result of the internet gaming subculture. In the effort to increase their typing speeds, online gamers often accidentally typed “pwned” instead the desired “owned”, a term meaning to defeat and a celebration of victory. The idea was to say a phrase such as “I owned you”, but often the result would be “I pwned you” due to the proximity of the keys on a standard qwerty keyboard. More about the word can be found here.


Sony’s PSP@E3

I love the name brand “Playstation”.

Back in the days of mid 80’s, high-end computers were once called the “Workstation”… when Sony’s “Playstation” came on to the marketing, the name itself right away give you a sense of “hightech-sexiness”. Starting next year, you can take the sexiness with you just like your trusty iPod.

The most interesting part of the device is the 480 x 272, 4.3 inch, 16:9 wide screen TFT LCD. In many ways, it will change how game designers approach game design on such a small device… Just image a game like Ace Combat 5 that’ll give you a true to life fighter pilot point of view… how cool is that?

What’s also stands out is the built-in 802.11 support, which turns the game device into a “Trojan Internet Appliance”. I haven’t got so excited about a gadget for a while (since the Sony/Ericsson P800), I am certainly looking forward to get my hands on it next year.

You can find out more about the PSP here.