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Rubbing disposable chopsticks to remove splinters?

Random thoughts of the day:

When you go to a Japanese restaurant you see people rubbing disposable chopsticks to remove splinters. I have never seen that done in Japan. After a bit of research, this is what I’ve found out:

Q. Am I supposed to rub my chopsticks together before my meal?

A. Some think that rubbing your chopsticks together before a meal is a Japanese custom meant to remove splinters. In fact, rubbing chopsticks together can encourage more splinters than it actually takes off! This ritual originates from an early Charlie Chaplin movie that was popular in Japan before WWII. In this movie, Charlie Chaplin rubs his knife and fork together as a gesture of culinary anticipation. The Japanese people who were fans of the movie at the time, mimicked this action with their chopsticks. After WWII, American GIs returning from Japan brought this American born custom home again! In Japan today it is not a commonly practiced custom.

As for me, I don’t do it. Unless you are cool like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.


Paperless Billing

I am not a “tree hugger”, but I switched over to “Payless Billing” on a few of my accounts today.

I am sure this will benefit the corporation America greatly (on cost saving), but at least that’s something anyone (with a computer) can do to try help out the environment.

Not sure the site LifeHacker got some tips or tricks like this. 😛


July 15, 2006

I don’t post a lot of "personal stuff" on this Blog, but here’s a link to a few of the pictures from Alison and my wedding. Thanks for all the hard work Brian. 🙂


Is a Toyota Prius in my future?

Is sooo pase to blog about the whole Toyota Prius buying experience. In fact, it’s kinda lame, and I’ll laugh at you if you do. But this afternoon I am going to check out a Prius due the recent passage of the new California Law that allows solo drive to use the carpool lance as long as you have a tree hugger mobile (aka Prius).

Hell yes! Time is money and I waste a lot of time in commute. If Prius can cut down on my commute I am sooo getting a Prius. Stay tune.


Birthday Blues

Like my parents, I am not a big "birthday person". In fact, we’re pretty low key about any type of celebrations. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to spend time with love ones and family – I just don’t want to make a big deal out of it.

Today is my birthday and a couple of good friends from work insist we go out to our favorite place for Pho. Jee sent me a very nice IM greetings. My best friend also sent me a nice email which surpassingly didn’t go into my auto spam mail folder. Then a nice family dinner with Alison and my parents.

I do have one correction to make. Everyone ask me how old I am and I have been telling people I am 34 – which is wrong. I actually turn 33 today. Maybe I’m blue for the whole day since in a way I do "feel" 34. Who knows. But thank you mom for correcting me. I am only 33.


Where I used to live – in Hong Kong

Untitled1Google’s Hong Kong Satellite map is up and running.Worth take a look. Found the building where I used to live too. Where I went to school. Hong Kong is a very pretty place up from above! And most of the key locations are very recognizable from above too. Hong Kong Stadium (yes, I lived very close to it). Happy Valley – horsey racing and gambling action… And Two International Finance Center currently the tallest building in Hong Kong (415m/1,362ft).