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Online Gaming Sociology

I am currently doing some research on Online Games and how people are social or not online….

I’ll probably post some interesting URL later on that… …as some of you know, I am pretty addicted to Final Fantasy Online since the “design” of the game is so great. Recently, they have added the “marriage” options for the JP players. The practical part, is that, it allows you to share the limited storage space online… The whole process goes like this:

You have to buy expensive rings (like 50,000 Gil – which is the game currency) online from the Game Master, and your potential partner has to accept the “proposal”. If he/she rejects, you *cannot* return the ring to the GM… DOH!

Wonder if Square/Enix (the game developer) allows same sex marriage… haha…

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  1. Philosopical dilemma of the day:

    If you get married in Final Fantasy, does your live-action girlfriend expect a ring?

  2. haha… Very funny… Alison, as you know, hated the game… not really… she just hates it when I spend time on it.

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