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Some of my older posts on FFXI are now all under FFXI section since I know I will be writing more about it… plus posting more screenshots in the future…. Consider the fact (on averge) I spend about 20+ hrs. with the game I think I should set up a special section for it, if not a seperate blog.

The game is not at the point affecting my social life yet *couch* since Alison is being as considerate and as understanding as possible, but she does get annoyed if I play the game. (I love you Alley if you are reading this – and I know you don’t read my blog. Haha…)

One thing I also slowly discovered, is that, FFXI is not just an MMORPG, it’s also has a strong sense of Japanese “Life Similation Game” feel to it. There are all kinds of similation games popular in Japan from horse racing, to train station/system sim, dating similation etc…. FFXI truely encourage you to do crafting (like cooking, fishing, farming, and smithing, etc) within the game… I just thought that’s a very interesting thing that FFXI brings to the US gamer which is rather old in Japan, yet new to US.

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  1. FFXI is a fascinating game, if not for the game itself, but for the social aspects and non-combat tasks like crafting items and fishing.

    I just picked up the game on Mar. 25th and I’ve played more than 70hrs so far. That doesn’t include the time I’ve left the game running in order to stay active in the game via my bazaar šŸ™‚

    I must say that this game can take over your life. I have watched for less tv with my wife in the past two weeks and I’m constantly thinking about the game when I’m not playing. I can’t begin to imagine what will happen when I start unlocking the higher content and jobs.


  2. Hi, Jeffery

    Totally agree with you. This is my first exposure to MMORPG, and I think it *is* because it’s a Square/Enix game that’s why it’s so “magical”.

    So far, I have logged ~27 days of play time…. which is like close to 650 hrs. of play since last Oct… Scary I know…

    /wait 1
    /panic motion

  3. Dear Final Fantasy XI fans,
    Thank you for your addiction to our little game, we are truly thankful for your support and your subscription money, please consider purchasing more Content ID so that you can have even more fun.

    However, as much as we are great and cool, we have to remind everyone that “life simulation games” is not something that is isolated to Japan, or is something that is “new” in America. The current #1 selling PC game of all time in the US is The Sims, the poster game for a “life simulation game”.

    Furthermore MMORPGs have existed in the US for many, many, many years prior to FFXI, long before there was one in Japan. Each of these MMORPGs havein them many meta-games which are “life-simulations”. While it may seems odd for us to praise other developers, there are many other games that actualyl promoted better role-playing through actual game design & mechanics than our own game, thus further enhancing the “life simulation” part of it.

    Once again, we thank you for being a subscriber to Final Fantasy XI. However, we do discourage you from buying virtual fake gil for real money in the future.

    – Square Enix

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