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Cheap Thrill – Nokia N-Gage QD

So, the Nokia N-Gage QD is no Sony PSP, but at least it will tide me over till late 2005 when we see the release of that.

Bluetooth (read Apple iSync), GPRS Data, GSM phone, and a decent handheld game console all combine into one makes Nokia N-Gage QD (the second generation) pretty interesting. Not to mention the “cheap thrill” price tag of $200.

The first gen. N-Gage is a joke to most gamers. Lack of decent game I think is still hurting the platform, but there’s some serious issue with the ergonomic industrial design front – you have to hold the “side” of the device when you are using it as a phone. Not only it “looks” wrong… well, ok, that’s the only thing “wrong” with it… but the “wrong” design that makes the user looks like an idiot is certainly a good way to kill a product. Just about the time I am getting tired of my SE T630 comes the new N-Gage… I’ll probably get my hand on it soon when it release late June… We’ll see.

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