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iPod (and Saab) UI

saabOne of the coolest thing about the iPod is the twist-and-press software interface that allows you to navigate through a hierarchical menu system. What’s surprising, is that, iPod is not the first place we see this kind of interface. Saab’s automotive SID (System Information Display) had been doing that for at least 5 years to my knowledge. Take a look at the pic below. The “twist nob” you see can control the “scrolling” of the menu items. Press the “twist nob” result in a selection state. The only missing thing (in iPod’s term) is the slick “side sliding effect” you see.

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  1. Yes but what would be nice now is using the saab controls to controle an ipod. I’m astonished that at saab, they have implemented an aux input and not interface to control an external device. Even when you plug and mp3 player it’s still dangerous to take the device in your hand while you are driving. For me it’s just like talking to a mobile while you are driving (even if there’s a solution for that).

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