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New Boba Fett figure

Some of you probably don’t know I am a pretty hardcore 12″ GI-Joe style action figures collector with the focus of the high-end crap like Medicom, and Marmit 12″ (Japanese Super Hero/Real Action Hero series). I am also a collector and “kitbasher” of 12″ modern military figures.

So a new 12″ Boba Fett by Hasbro eh? So far, form what I’ve heard, it’s a damn good buy – as long as you can avoid the blue jump suit.

While I doubt it will be as nice as the Marmit Fett, but at least with this Hesbro release you’ll feel just fine ripping it out of the box. Most of us collectors still keep the Marmit Fett in a box for its future value.

As you know, Herbro’s base body sucks, I’ll probably use a BBI G3 body with the new Fett I am getting soon. (Note: BBI – Blue Box Toys G3 – their Version 3 base body. Yeah, lingo, I know…)

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  1. Medicom is one of the top company that release 12″ figures these days… Marmit as well. Just do a search on “Medicom” or “Marmit” on eBay and you’ll understand. 🙂

    Other players are like DML, BBI, Side Show Toys, Takara, etc…

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