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Fall TGS Video – Sony PSP

I am really impressed by this Sony PSP propaganda video. The techo background music is cheerful… And without the use of annoying voice-over (I don’t care if it is Japanese or English they both can be annoying), pretty much every feature of the PSP was explained:

3D graphics
fun / enjoyment
stereo sound
wireless network gameplay
UMD optical media
easy access to UMD media (just like MiniDisc)
sexy hardware
slick software UI
wide selection of game titles

I can watch this crap over and over again and not getting bored….

Good product aside, that is what good marketing effort should be like… I WANT IT NOW! The other Sony PSP Propaganda can be found here. Oh… and this is funny too….

Some of my own observations:

– Sony is putting the 3D graphic computing power of PS2 (or close to) into consumer’s palm
– Their knowledge of MiniDisc technology is being applied fully into UMD/PSP so there shouldn’t be worry on battery life
– Widescreen 16:9 will give game designers new freedom to create new kinds of games.

All in all, I am VERY excited about the PSP.

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