1. Well, it means I am a complete nerd? 😉

    Final Fantasy 11, although an online game, has a very strong story line. The Safehold we see here is something depicted in the intro CG movie when you first get into the game.

    Mind you, the game came out close to 3 years ago first in Japan and nobody has a clue where that town is, nor the significant importance of the town to the game – as a matter of fact, the area doesn’t exist at all.

    Last month, the 2nd game expansion pack came out, and Tavnazian Safehold / Lufaise Meadows area are added new zones gamers can explore and experience. Good marketing aside, it just makes it so much more exciting for hardcore FFXI gamers can be there “in person”. Granted, you need 18 people together getting some required missions accomplished first before you’re allow into the area.

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