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Hitting the big 5-0 version 2.0

The past couple of months I was still busy with Final Fantasy XI online – while most are going gar-gar over the just released World of WarCraft.

Before the new FF11 expansion pack came out, I’ve deicide to start playing the game from ground up again as an Elvaan. You have to admit, FF11 is the "coolest looking" MMORPG out there right now because of the Japanese design sensibility.

I created a character name Dichter (Poet in Danish) intended to be BRD, but I was pretty sick and tired of the party play myself so I decided to pick up BST – the only "soloable" job in the game.

What’s ironic, was that, I ended up doing a static duo with my Linkshell mate for close to 23+ levels in one month. I’ve finally hit 50 just a few days ago. Then my Linkshell mate also deicided to spend more time on World of WarCraft instead which spells the end of the static duo.

Took me only 2 months to went through subjob items, Kazham airship pass, Limit 1. The second run is certainly much easier. Getting Limit 2 done shouldn’t be an issue. AF shouldn’t be a problem either. The fact is, I am going on vacation for a week starting next week which mean I wouldn’t spend much time on it. Bottom line is I am still having great fun with this game and the friends I met in the game.

I like Mira gave my character the nick name "Dumpster Lubster". I like the random Linkshell chit-chat… i.e. YourMom was drunk last night which lead to the discussion what’s the favorite drink for each person (me, Jack & Coke)… So, yeah, it’s still fun. It really is the people that you met along the way make MMORPG interesting. But AF is still very important. šŸ˜‰

(note: Yeah, some knowlege about MMORPG or FFXI is needed for the reading above…)

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