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Some thoughts on 2046:

Watched 2046 on Christmas Eve – a lot of important scenes/themes evolves around that time frame and that makes watching the movie on the day even more interesting.

I am not sure why some people are still confused by the movie consider the over narration by Tony Leung through out the movie. If you are still confused by the end, you can always check out the bonus DVD which Wong Kar-Wai pretty much explained everything.

All the Stars are great, except we don’t get to see Chen Chang much probably due to heavy editing.

Over the years, Wong was actually making “one” movie. In 2046, you’lll find some “old friends” like Lu-Lu from Days of Being Wild. And it’s even explicit stated Lu-Lu *was* the Lu Lu that we knew. Wong left no confusion about it. That also explain why at the end of Days of Being Wild we see Tony Leung (which is a 1991 film.)

The visual’s GREAT. Although this is not a Sci-Fi film, but the Sci-Fi scenes (needed due to the story-within-the-story) are very very beautiful and well done for Hong Kong standard.

Although not my favorite Wong Kar-Wai movie (ITMFL still is), but I am very very happy to report 2046 is a truly sincere effort by Wong. And it shows.

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