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How does it feel? New Order@Oakland

More concert to come. Trace sent me a quick note this morning, and looks like Bay Area New Order / 80s’/ 90s’ Electronica fans are in for a real treat on April 29th. Apparently, this is a one-off performance and not part of a tour.

…Which reminds me, at one time, I actually ran into Hooky @ San Francisco Japan Town Kinokuniya Book Store (!). It was during the Monaco era (Hooky’s side project). At the time, Monaco had a concert at San Francisco. Right before the show I was suppose to met up with a few Ceremony folks at J-town. I got there early so I was just wondering around… and a person look very much like Hooky walked out from the story (he’s much shorter than I thought), so I walked up you him and asked, "Hay, are you Peter Hook?" He said,  "Yes." I said, "See you at the show!" shake his hand and said goodbye to him… Pretty surreal.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I had a friend order me a couple of tix and forgot the exact date.


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