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Thoughts on PSP

Some thoughts on the PSP now I got the chance to play with it for a couple of days.


  • the screen is amazing (pretty much the first thing people will comment about) due to the rather tiny pixel size.
  • it’s really not for full movie viewing but great for short clips (news, trailer, promo, or even video telephone messaging)
  • need easy development tool which developers can write simple apps for PSP (stored on the memory stick  i.e. mapping/GPS program that is 802.11)
  • now PSP is only an entertainment device but it will become a communication device soon (the platform as a whole)
  • the current phone like text entry system is truly horrible. Sony should just provide us a plain old software keyboard – I hope that can be fixed in future updates.


  • remake of a lot of classic PS2/PSX titles will guarantee sales.
  • ‘m very sad that Nokia never manage to do the network game thing – which clearly PSP is very big on at the moment
  • fact that PSP is not region lock allows US gamer to pick up some pretty interesting tiles is a big plus (same goes to the JP gamers as well)


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