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Sakamoto & Nokia 8800

Ryuichi Sakamoto composed a set of "sound skin" for the new Nokia 8800 phone. Go check it out and have a listen. It’s typical Sakamoto stuff which means…. um… freakin’ GOOD. Wonder if we will see the song like ringtone release on a CD. 😛

Nokia certainly knows their target audience (who, me?) sleek phone and damn fine music/sound skin…. Product Marketing at its’ best.

I also shared the intel with BK, and he had some interesting comment:

"I like how ‘Ryuichi Sakamoto Sound Design’ is slotted right
in between ‘Scratch-resistant Glass Screen’ and ‘Unique slide

Sakamoto’s music is just a
"feature" indeed. Also since the phone will set you back $1,000 US, he also said:

"maybe I’ll just uhhh convert some Sakamoto songs into polyphonic MIDI files and use those instead – Ghetto Sakamoto"

That’s an option too.

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