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Game Over (almost) for FFXI

This is the letter I sent to FFXI development team via PlayOnline.

Dear FFXI development team, and Producer Tanaka,

I have been playing FFXI for close to 2.5 years. The most recent "MPK update" has cause me to be very concern about the future direction on where the game is heading. Yes, I am a BST (lvl 72), but I am also a NIN (lvl 65).

I think the de-spwaning of mobs outside of their radius is a stupid idea. "Train" is a way of life in the world of MMORPG. FFXI is my first MMORPG,  and I was hoping I can stay for a while, but the de-spwaning of the mob turns the game into "Disneyland" – not to mention it made it impossible for BST to farm nor gain experience point.

Also, please stop feeding the Game Master with the "script" that BST was never mean to be a solo job. Maybe that is true when the game first came out, but the great thing about online game, is that, it is a living and breathing community. The FFXI community over the years had turn BST into the great solo, duo, and trio job. Your new update has destroyed the community’s effort.

As you know (from my POL ID), I play on Cerberus. On Cerberus, there’s a VERY strong community of BST. I am afraid, a lot of those BST will quit the game if this "MPK update" is not being adjusted.

I do write with suggestion and not just complains. My suggestion about the "MPK issue" is this:

If the mob is aggressive type, and outside of their radius, it’s ok for them to de-spwan or go "zombie" and roam back.

If the mob is non-aggressive type, and outside of their radius, they WILL NO despwan since they are not threatening to anyone.

I hope you can take my suggestion into serious consideration.

FFXI has a great player community base. It’s your job to keep the community happy. I believe the recent update is much too heavy handed and might potentially destroy the game and the community. There are a lot of unhappy players since the update.

Best regards.

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