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Quick thoughts on Adobe Lightroom

Downloaded it Sunday night and had about 2 hrs to play with it. Over all my impression of it is good.

I use D2Hs 4MP RAW so the performance is not a huge issue to me, but
it does run slower than "advertised". Converting NEF to DNG file is also a long process. For the record, I use a 1.25Ghz Ai Powerbook with 1GB of RAM.

I am not a pro, so the organization part is not too useful to me (plain
old folder will do just fine). On the "develop" part of the work flow, I feel
Adobe spent too much time on "pretty up the UI" rather than making it
feature packed and easy to use. I can’t seems to find the crop tool, am
I missing something?

For pure developing and touch up, I’ll stick with RawDeveloper right now to output JPG and Tiff which is very very fast.

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