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Adobe Lightroom Beta 2

Adobe Lightroom Beta 2 is out. I haven’t spend much time with Beta 1 yet, but in case you want to try it… here’s the download link. Right now, RawDeveloper still works better for me. What’s new in Beta 2:

  • Now a Universal Binary—this version runs on Apple’s latest Intel-based Macs.
  • Crop and straighten your photos with new tools in the Develop module.
  • Add music to your slideshows.
  • Create nested keyword sets for easier organization.
  • Import and export XMP metadata (*please see the Known Issues list for
  • Try out the improved Edit in Photoshop capabilities.
  • Take advantage of better metadata handling.
  • Utilize new white balance support for the Nikon D2X, D2Hs, and D50 cameras.

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