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Dead O2 Atom

Meh. It’s dead. I think. Or did the battery just freaked out? Last night I installed the new MS .Net framework on the O2 Atom then I decided to uninstall it… Surf the Web a bit on the Atom then went to sleep. Woke up this morning and I couldn’t turn on the device. I am not saying it’s MS to blame, but I really like the O2 Atom and it sucks to lose it and go back to my older phones. ; ;

Tried soft reset. Tried hard reset (which I know I will lose all my data). Still no go. There’s some weird buzzing sound and motion going on with the device when it’s plugged into the USB port or the AC. Don’t know it has to do with the fact I am using the unofficial 2nd ROM update… but I think I might have fried the device. ; ;

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