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Now I can talk about what I did last year

I am glad I can finally talk about Yahoo! Go 2.0.

I worked on this for the last year, and it’s officially out today. Long nights, crazy hours, work though multiple holidays… you name it… Not to mention my frequent trips to Hamburg, and Berlin.

Yahoo! Go 2.0 is the first Yahoo! "globally developed" products. We have designers, engineers, and product management working in Sunnyvale, London, Hamburg, and Berlin to make sure it gets done. Other Yahoo! products are either developed at Sunnyvale that get localized, or local product got picked up by the "mother ship". I know this since I have been at Yahoo! for many years.

Yahoo! Go is also unique in another regard. It probably is the most ambitious J2ME / MIDP application you see today – anywhere from jar size, code complexity, to the logistic of putting this all together. This is a landmark mobile application and service. Other people just talk about the possibilities of mobile, but I think the team went ahead and "did it".

There are many many areas we can improve (and we will), but now it’s the time to celebrate the launch of this landmark product.

Congratulation everyone!

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