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Where have all the Designers (Heroes) gone?

When I was in school, the designers I look up to are Neville Brody, Clement, the three Michaels (can you name all three of them?), David Carson (I still have the first Ray Gun magazine somewhere), Paul Rand, Designers Republic, Peter Saville, etc. etc… They all have their distinct styles.

I am totally out of touch these days, I have no clue who are the designers design students look up to these days. Or do they look up to any “Designer Heroes” at all?

Also, I was very lucky to have worked with Clement and Susan Kare in the past… Food for thoughts….

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  1. When was the last time you picked up a “How” magazine? I was just thinking that’s how I was exposed to a lot of the “featured” design houses of the time back then. And I don’t think I’ve looked at one in years! Could be interesting to check out. And of course, there was Emigre and all related too! So does this mean we are officially old? Kind of like when your parents dance to disco because the don’t like hip hop?

  2. Well, I dunno. It just seems to me there are not many Design *Stars* around anymore. I certainly don’t think my work is “out of fashion” either. Just a different time I suppose.

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