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Designer T-shirt. Busted In Hong Kong. Fo Shizzel.

Here’s the scenario. You are some upscale, yuppie retail chain that sell designer furnitures and clothing to the oh-so-hip crowd.

You release a brand new collection of t-shirts and postcards with famous gangs sign / logo from the past. Cops knocking on the door, and arrests your designers and creative director. That’s exactly what happened in Hong Kong.

A little background:

G.O.D. is an upscale and 100% home-grown brand from Hong Kong. The themes of their design usually consist of the past 100 years of Hong Kong history (the mixture of the East and West).

Traditional “old Chinese gangs” are underground society or so called Triad. They might be powerful in the past, but in the age of YouTube, InterWeb, and rapid growth of the mainland China, Traid is as irrelevant as an old copy of the Reader’s Digest. Come on. So lame.

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