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Fun with Android

Spent a few hours playing around with Android SDK and here’s some quick find:

  • Wurfl identifies the device as “SideKick II” (pretty interesting consider the Android folks are SideKick folks too), and Luca should have an update for Wurfl repository soon.
  • Yahoo! GO 2.0 set the trend on Carousel. OpenWave copied. AOL copied. Now it’s Google’s turn. To be fair, Carousel is not such an “out-there” design so it’s great to see the Carousel UI is becoming popular.
  • I am very happy to report the SDK and emulator setup is very quick and painless – compare with how I used to have set up jar files and jad files in the Symbian world… Granted, things are a lot more “rich” and complicated in the Symbian world. Like having 200 devices to deal with.
  • The Android UI is a mix of super simplified Windows Mobile 6 + a little bit of OS X and then a few Palm like rounded corners here and there. There really isn’t a distinct visual style, and I am sure that’s intensional so it can be “skinned” easily by operators and handset makers.
  • The built in Google Search is not the mobile version nor the full Google home page, although one can still access those 2 via the built in browser. The best way to describe the “built in Google Search” as a custom mobiles search page for Android.
  • Although the UI is not full i18tn, but one can view double byte content easily (maybe because my host system already have the resource built in?)
  • FlashLite is missing of course.

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