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My current favorite mobile sites – Wells Fargo’s mobile banking site. Very minimal. Very functional. The surprising thing is the whole “WF” brand. Silmilar to WaMu I suppose.

BBC Podcast for the iPhone – This one is iPhone specific, but it’s a great show case of how a “big brand” can take advantage of the buzz of the iPhone and creating something that’s actually useful and with lasting appeal. The site also point to the weakness of the iPhone as well, the lack of 3G is really killing the multi-media side of the deal. iPhone needs to get 3G speed, like um, now.

Earthcomber Mobile – I don’t even remember how I found this. Another iPhone specific “mobile Web app” with a very attractive interface. If I am not using Yelp mobile, I like to play with this to find places to eat. Did I say, the UI is very attractive?

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