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iPhone SDK – They’ve updated Dashcode too – for the Web Heads

Many are going to focus on the “Native” iPhone SDK and blog about that, but for the Web heads (and Mobile Web geeks) make sure you check out the new Dashcode 2.0 Beta too (part of the iPhone SDK)…

What is Dashcode? Dashcode is a lightweight work-flow manager/ UI builder for the Apple’s Dashboard widget. Apple’s Dashboard widgets are basically HTML, CSS, and Javascripts that runs within the Dashboard environment.

The original Dashcode is designed for Widgets development only, but now, if you develop “iPhone specific Web Apps”, you can use Dashcode to code, manage and then preview your Web Apps too.
I need to spend more time with the new Dashcode and will report back what I find.

This is getting interesting.


Just watched Apple’s propaganda video titled, “iPhone SDK for Web Developers” with a lot of upcoming features (that is not yet in the current SDK beta). Some of the super sexy features are:

  • Native SVG Lite Tiny support
  • CSS3
  • Gesture support, i.e. onGesturestart=”doThis()”

Now since Safari browser is also the WebKit, does that mean Nokia future browser has access to the same feature sets in the future?

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