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You are only as good as your last design project

Let’s face it. We all work on shitty project sometimes. Sales team needs help on the PowePoint. Marketing wants you to convert a PNG file into EPS. Don’t ask.

Oh, and George can you send us our corporate logo please? ASAP.

But once in a while, you ended up working on something really cool.

It could be a personal photo project you always wanted to do. Trying out new techniques in CSS, JavaScript, or you are leading other designers on a product that will save the company from hostile take over (just a random example – not a real project). Now that project’s over; back to the shitty projects.

As a designer, my philosophy has always been, “You are only as good as your last project” (it could be a shitty project, or a good project).

Congratulation if your last project is AIGA award winning + you find personal satisfaction completing it. But you are only “as good as it”. Can you do even better in the next project? What if your next project is one of those shitty project? /panic 🙂

Shitty projects come and go. You last project might suck, but that’s just a milestone before you get to work on the next-big-thing. The fact there are both shitty and kick ass projects make the whole design exercise interesting.

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