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More on Twinkle – and why it’s a big deal

I think I’ve figure out an interesting use case for Twinkle (Twitter + location based meta tag). See my post on Nokia Point and Find and similar prototype. Twinkle, in a way, can be used in a very similar fashion – bridging the Real World with information from the cloud.

This example will illustrate the concept:

Last night, I was driving through downtown San Francisco. I created a simple Twinkle powered Tweet ( I said “I am here between Kearney and Broadway.”). No big deal right?

This morning, I drove through the nearby neighborhood, and looked up all the “Near Me” Twinkle Tweets. That Tweet I posted the night before (from a few blocks away) showed up.

The current Twinkle “Near Me” has a minimum radius of 1 mile, but in the future when you are able to drill down, say, 50 ft then you can start leaving very explicit tweets on a landmarks, stores, or restaurants.

There are many obvious features needed before this became truly powerful (i.e. filter by rating, messages’ “rate-of-decay”, or even private location based tweets that act like “invisible graffiti” that only your circle of friends can “see”). Things are getting very interesting indeed…

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