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TAD gear

I love design, but I am not big on de$igner fashion. When the cool kids on the street are rocking Bathing Ape, Ice Cream, and Lucky Brand (Jeans), I rather go with something a bit more affordable / functional like Levis or North Face – that is until I discovered TAD Gear.

TAD Gear, technically is not a “fashion brand”, but the design and the quality of their urban and outdoor gears are so above and beyond that one should consider it as a designer brand. Did I mention the price tags are “designer pricey” too? Anyway, TAD Gear is definitely a “designer brand” in the tactical arena….

Wait. You said tactical as in SWAT, Special Force, PMC? Yes, but you are not going to look like John Rambo with TAD Gear’s Stealth Jacket. Their design is more in line with The North Face, Patagonia, Arc’Teryx type outdoor clothing but with serious military / tactical spin.

The attention to details and general high quality of their products has caused a lot of people in the “macho business” (Private Military Contractors, Law Enforcement, and the Military) to take note and start buying. In fact, if you go to their Web site, the first thing you see on the site are customers’ pictures wearing TAD gears that are usually heavily armed. 🙂

Their current Web site is pretty Web 1.0, but I think eventually they will get it right. If you are in the Bay Area, you should check out their retail store too. To me, the place is like a designer boutique with amazing jackets, backpacks, pouches, and all the stuff you want to look tactical and macho – everyday.

Now I finally understand why women love their Gucci, and Louis Vuitton….

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