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iPhone 3G Hong Kong Usage Data

ePrice (fomerly PhoneDaily) posted an interview with Hutchison 3 Hong Kong in regarding the iPhone 3G services in Hong Kong.

The original interview is in Chinese, and focus on the poor iPhone 3G services (both data speed and call quality) in Hong Kong region.

Complains aside, Hutchison 3’s CTO Daniel Chong revealed some interesting iPhone usage stats of the region. On average, iPhone data usage is 10x of most smart phones. Compare with specific handsets, iPhone data usage is 6x of HTC Diamond, 10x of Nokia N95 8GB, 42x of Sony Ericsson W901i.

Compare with regular 3G handsets, iPhone 3G users are also fan of the Hutchison 3 portal. Over 32% of the iPhone 3G users use the official Planet 3 mobile portal with rougly 2.35 million impression since the release of the handset. The usual popular content are news, weather, and finance, etc.

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