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It’s “Hip” to be Asian. Or is it?

Like one of the Creative Director I have worked with in the past once said, “It’s Hip to be Asian.”….

Today, one of my friend send me a link to the April issue of Details magazine. At the moment I am writing this, I am not sure if this is for real or not… but if it is a real scan, then I think this is pretty racist. I am by no mean a PC person ( most of you know), but I think whoever wrote this article or came up with the story idea…. if nothing else, maybe is jealous that Asian tend to have better taste, style and economic statue or something… 😉 Don’t know… A pretty uncomfortable article for sure being Chinese. Your thoughts?

I know Details is going to get a lot of shit on this….

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  1. I don’t think the details article is that offensive, except maybe the part about the “ladyfingers.” I think it’s a reality that in Asian cultures, that men don’t get as much pressure to put on the “machismo” front like Americans do, and I like to think that Asian men are comfortable with that. If anything, it just points out that Asian straight males don’t have to be gay to be fashionable. Asian straight guys maybe don’t need the Fab 5 like many American straight guys do. I’m more annoyed with hint of homophobia that’s displayed in the reaction of many Asian males. Anybody see that Seinfeld episode? “They think we’re gay! NOT that anything’s wrong with it!”

  2. This is apparently part of a series, with past themes such as “Gay or Jesus?” and “Gay or British?” I’d be interested to know if anyone has scans of these, since otherwise, the Asian one might just seem worse because it’s taken out of context.

  3. This article is terrible! It’s disgusting! Disgraceful! The editors of Details should be ashamed of themselves! They —

    [examines own hands] My God, they DO look like “lady fingers”….

  4. Yes – it is a series. I have a subscription that came cheap with my GQ one; I’ll scan the previous entries whenever I get my scanner to my apt. They’re fairly tongue-in-cheek and sort of, on some level, a parody via pointing out stereotypes. At least that’s how I always thought of them..

  5. They were selling t-shirts of this at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown this weekend. Along with the ubiquitous ‘Got Rice?’ ones.

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