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The last broadcast of KQED Pacific Time is tonight.

It’s been 7 years since 2000. The radio show about Pacific Asia and Asian American is coming to an end tonight. It’s a radio show I always look forward to when I drive home from work, or try to catch up on iTunes Podcast when I was at Germany.
I am angry.

What the fuck is the KQED pledge drive for? Isn’t the pledge drive all about keeping shows like Pacific Time alive? Why is one of the best and the most unique local radio to the Bay Area being canceled? I don’t understand.

More details here. The profanity is because I am really upset at KQED.


Chinese . Japanese . Korean

Recentrly I’ve picked up a
Chinese translation book
by the Korean author Jin Wen Xue. The title of the book is “Chinese . Japanese . Korea” (the Japanese
edition of the book
is titled “Japanese . Chinese . Korean”, and I am sure
the original Korean edition is “Korean . Chinese . Japanese”)

Anyhow, the book is not one of those stuffy cultural antrphology stuff, instead,
it’s a full color color boook and rather humorisly talk about the similar things
and the differences of the 3 cultures. i.e. Chinese is culture of “saulty”,
Japanese is the cultere of “sour” and the Korean is the culture of “bitter”.

I wish there will be an English translation of this book out soon in the US.


What’s next (at least for me).

What I can’t stand is the fact many liberals are still lamenting why they lost. Time to move on buddy. I admit, I don’t have the time and energy to do much, but at least financially I can still do my part with organization like Democracy for America/Blog for America (a PAC group under Howard Dean). I am sure you will find your ways to do you part. Money talk, bullshit walks. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it.


Let’s look back

– A few weeks back, I had a feeling that Bush’s going to win. He did.

– When Bush took Florida last night, I knew Kerry was going to loose. For sure.

– All the pre-elections talks (from my liberal friends anyways) on how “we will turn back the tide” were sooooo naive to a point that’s almost arrogant. Look who’s face down and tasting the ground right now.

– Most Americans are afraid to change, stubborn, like their false sense of security, and hypocritical:

Case in point: Iraq 2.0 > look for WMD > No WMD. With that reason alone it’s good enough for anyone to resign or be fired. Yet most Americans are willing to keep the same guy in offiice.