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June 4th – 15 years later.

There’s a recent Chinese saying going around: “Chinese aren’t afraid of speaking out on anything, except for telling the truth.”

June 4th, 1989 seems so long ago and I was only 17 back then. Hong Kong was still under the British control and Hong Kongness were scared shitless when they saw what’s going on CNN.

I remembered hearing crazy (and inaccurate) rumors about crazy PLA soldiers with leader-whip entering Tiananmen Square via “secret tunnels” and arresting students and such. I also remember me and a few mates back then took part in the march/protest in the rain. If I remembered correctly, a typhoon was actually hitting Hong Kong that couple of days. We were all soaked in rain. Yeah, we were young and stupid, and naïve. How embarrassing.

It’s weird to hear it on the radio program Pacific Time devoted entire show on 6-4 (how Chinese usually refer to it). Not to mention, learning the fact some of the “student leaders” back then are now dot-comers or working in the US investment banks.

It’s a weird complex I guess… For our generation that had experienced it, we’re afraid and almost embarrassed to look back in time to see how stupid we were…

On the other hand, for the Chinese government, it’s also time to admit the mistakes. You fucked up, let’s apologized and move on.

We shouldn’t all be spending time to look at 6-4 in shame and regret. For admitting the fact you fucked up (or us being stupid and naïve) is the first step for us to leave it all behind.

Hay, I am just telling the truth.

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