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Hit lvl 60 last night.

It’s interesting to see I hit lvl 50 on May 26th, and it took me another month-and-a-half to hit 60 – another mile stone in this game if you will. Not sure if I will go “all the way” to lvl 75…. maybe be for another year or something? I don’t know. ..

With the full AF and the ‘Pimp Hat’, I am a real “Red Mage” in the game. One might consider I have wasted close to 47 full days (over 1000 hrs.) in this game, but through the game, I’ve met some interesting folks (maybe I will write about in the near future), and I had experience the ‘nature high’ of Limit 2 Quest, the pure joy of getting the AF done, or even heart pounding terror by chasing after by a lvl 65+ Yag…

Might be off topic a bit… but some might brush it off as “just a game” and refuse to take a second and objective look…. but I urge you to try out some good MMORPG yourself and see what it’s really like… At times, it could be pretty magical.

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