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So I received my Nokia N-GAGE QD from EB last night. First I pop in my Cingular SIM card and tested out the sound of the phone by calling Alison. She was sleepy so we didn’t talk much. Ha-ha, good… more time for me to geek-out with my new phone.

Since QD is an “unlocked” GSM phone, so you can use it with you existing SIM from Cingular, AT&T, or T-Mobile. BTW, the phone sounds pretty clear – better than my SE T-630.

The second thing I did was try to synch it with my Mac via Bluetooth. That also went well. The only challenge was at first, both devices were having trouble finding each other. Then I went through the process of pairing the 2 devices via Apple’s Bluetooth Setup Assistance, after that, synching was not an issue at all.

As a side note,’s respond rate was really bad last night. I had a hard time getting my appointments and data download from

Some quick pros and cons of the Nokia QD:

Pros: Rather compact device with game, GSM phone, Calendar, To Do, Address Book, WAP browser, IMAP e-mail all packed into one. The retro 80s’ software UI is kinda cool.

They fixed the “Side Talk” issue so you won’t look like a dork when you are talking on the phone.

Cons: Dual band GSM only. Weird placement of the power button – on the rubber plastic rim. Non-gamer will find the user-interface “non-standard” (both the hardware/software). Should have come with a wider screen instead of vertical screen.

They fixed the “Side Talk” so you can’t look like a dork when you are talking on the phone.

With shipping and tax, this “game phone” will run you about $200 US…. “Cheap thrill” till the release of Sony PSP.

Now I need games. Suggestions?

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  1. Hey, i share your compassion for the n-gage. i got mine a week ago. but i have a question for you, since you seem to be very well oriented with it. How do i set up my WAP settings. I have t-zones in my service plan with t-mobile but i still acnt sign on. any time i try i get the ::GPRS not available error:: how do i set this up! …uhhh i cant always check my e-mail, so id appreciate it if u could text me 404-641-9825 thanks for the help, this is a great site

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