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Mac Mini, Shuffle and poor Sony.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Mac Mini is actually not as cheap as you think if you add all the things you really need like Bluetooth and AirPort. (i.e. the configuration I want is $952.00)
  • It’s also the re-birth of PowerMac G4 Cube in terms of the design concept.
  • The outter case makes it looks like the old Macintosh HD icon. haha
  • Shuffle is great! Apple will sell a tone of these in Asian countries because of the right form factor and the neck strap/landyard.
  • Looking forward to the color versions of Shuffle soon….
  • I am getting both!!!

And OMG, poor Kunitake Ando. I fee really bad for him/Sony. How he wish Sony can put together a presentation like this with such a wide selection of good products. Don’t worry Mr. Ando, you guys still have PSP. /comfort (note: watch the Steve’s note at Apple, and you will know what I mean)

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