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/04 Sakamoto

It’s actually very hard for me to "review" Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music since I pretty much buy whatever he releases (although I usually pick and choose in terms of his soundtracks… I don’t buy *everything*…).

/04 is new. In fact, it is the import JP version. I can’t wait 5-6 months for the US release. 😛 /04, continues the "piano-thing" that’s Sakamoto been on for a few years now, but no complain from me.

According to one person on the YMO Mailing List (before I got a chance to listen to it myself), /04 include 6 new tracks, 6 new arrangements and 2 old tracks.Turns out the "old track" Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is actually a new performance. The joy! The new performance is one of the slowest version I have heard. (also, check out my friend BK’s version here as well. Good stuff too.)

Just buy it damn it. More people need to learn about his music.

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