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Bad 80s’ song predicted the future…

iTunes is a great. Since I have started using it, I no longer have to go to Rasputin and be shamed by the check out clark (becuase of the "bad 80’s music" I picked up).

Tonight I download a bunch of Johnny Hates Jazz from iTunes… You know, Shattered Dream, Turn Back the Clock, and I Don’t Want to Be a Hero etc… Oh boy.

I was shocked by I Don’t Want to Be a Hero’s lyrics:

"Oh send me off to war with a gun in my hand

But I won’t pull the trigger
Our destiny is here ‘neath the red white and blue
So lead me to the slaughter

Now don’t be afraid come and join the parade
For the ultimate in sacrifice
It’s an old-fashioned story of hope and of glory
A ticket for taking a life

Oh send me off to war in a far away land
I never knew existed
Subject me to the truth to the horror and pain
Until my mind is twisted"

War in Iraq anyone? I have to listen to the song a few times to make sure it’s not my mind playing tricks on me… Yeah, John Hates Jazz was writing about the 2005 War in Iraq… or something… Of course, the song can also about late 60s’, early 70s’. My point? I really don’t have one. Just a catchy 80s’ song that I like with some interesting lyrics… I suppose…

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