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Pop Music is good for you.

Saint_1Yay. Saint Etienne‘s new album is out. Have a listen here. I love Finisterre, but Tales from Turnpike House is no doubt a better album than Finishterre.

Another pop group I was introduced to by George just today is I am the World Trade Center. Like he said, the lead singer sounds a little like Debby Harry. Fun stuff.

Pop music is good for you.

Update: Received the physical CD today. The acompany bonus Saint Etinne EP Up In the Wooden Hills is apperently a preview of the up coming childern album. It’s sooooo good. In fact, it really is a Childern Album for the grown up. Don’t be fool by the word "Children". The signature sound of Saint Etienne is all there. Actually, the "feel" of the EP is a lot more "retro" than TFTH… Must get.

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  1. You know, old pop is still great! I’ve been listening to PSB’s “Alternative” a lot. Tons of synth goodness. Dig it out if you’ve still got it!

  2. Happy b-day BTW… I got your birthday gift here I need to get you…

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