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Microsoft Deepfish

Want to experience "full" internet browsing (that promised by iPhone) on your cel phone today? On a non-iPhone? On a Windows Mobile phone?! 😛

I suggest you check out Microsoft’s Deepfish. (Note: at the time of writing, the limited public beta registration is closed)

If you have seen Steve Jobs’ iPhone demo, you should have a pretty good idea on what does "enhanced browsing" means. To put it simply, these type browser rendering technology take a snapshot of an existing Web page and resize it down (like a photoshop scaling effect) for the mobile screen.

During the dinner time, I played with Deepfish for about 15 mins (my wife was pretty unhappy about it) on my  O2 Atom, and it looks to be a pretty promising technology.

Some quick thoughts:

– the user experience is optimized for Windows Mobile Smart Phones vs. the stylus friendly Pocket PC
– it took me a while to realize the Center Selection Key (CSK) pretty much does everything since I am a Pocket PC user that’s used to stylus input
– I hope in the future version we will find the stylus input to be usable for Pocket PC version
– some zooming animation is needed to indicate if one is zooming-in or zooming-out
– the rendering speed on Wi-Fi is very good
– the rendering speed over EDGE is not acceptable
– my test device is an O2 Atom (which has a pretty speedy process) so my positive feedback might not apply to older or slower Windows Mobile devices
– partial / progressive rendering of a page should be nice to have in the future

So far so good. I hope the folks at MS will keep this up.

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