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Two Good Ad Campaigns

Two really well executed Ad campaign everyone should take note.

First one
is the current 2007 Toyota Prius “Yes!” campaign. In the TV commercial, you’ll
see Prius owners answering the question “Would you buy another Prius again?” by
holding up a big “Yes!” sign. The commercial itself is merely ok, but the brilliant
part is Toyota also sent the Prius owners (like myself) the same “Yes!” sticker
– hoping the Prius owner would put the stick on their cars and be a part of the integrated
marketing effort. Good stuff.

Second campaign
I like a lot is the viral campaign by Joost. Try to build demand for the P2P TV
app, instead of freely available free download; you have no easy way to sign up
for Beta. The only way one can get your hands on the app is by getting an
invite through a friend (similar to how the original gmail invite works). Since
Joost allows one to invite many friends (100?) into the Beta trial, you start
to see bloggers announcing on their blogs that they have invites for you to
join. All you have to do is to leave a comment on the blog. I saw many blog
sites that did that, and MANY people leave comments on those sites. Again,
being viral and let the users do the work for you…. It’s all good.

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