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The meaning behind the name

True story. I didn’t make this up.

Our office is used to be an old Japanese restaurant. When people visit the office, we usually would like to mention that due to the Eastern deco and design.
At the door, there’s a Chinese / Kanji sign with the word 摩耶 (Maya) on it. I’ve never spent the time to figure out if that is real Japanese character or just some Chinese or Taiwanese people ran the place and named the place 摩耶.

Today the true meaning of the word all of a sudden became a top of discussion again. Literal translation, 摩 could mean “Magic”. 耶 is a little harder to give it a meaning. Character wise, is a combination of two ear(s).

Nigel did a quick search on Wiki and found 摩耶 is also the name of a WWII Japanese Cruiser. Well mystery is solved and that’s pretty cool and all…. Then all of a sudden Wayne mentioned: Today, Aug 6th, is the Hiroshima Anniversary.

Now that’s pretty creepy.

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