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Old School….

Tired of FFXI? You might want to try this.


Hit lvl 60 last night.

It’s interesting to see I hit lvl 50 on May 26th, and it took me another month-and-a-half to hit 60 – another mile stone in this game if you will. Not sure if I will go “all the way” to lvl 75…. maybe be for another year or something? I don’t know. ..

With the full AF and the ‘Pimp Hat’, I am a real “Red Mage” in the game. One might consider I have wasted close to 47 full days (over 1000 hrs.) in this game, but through the game, I’ve met some interesting folks (maybe I will write about in the near future), and I had experience the ‘nature high’ of Limit 2 Quest, the pure joy of getting the AF done, or even heart pounding terror by chasing after by a lvl 65+ Yag…

Might be off topic a bit… but some might brush it off as “just a game” and refuse to take a second and objective look…. but I urge you to try out some good MMORPG yourself and see what it’s really like… At times, it could be pretty magical.


“Death Warp” to Jeuno

Kids, don’t try this at home. Soloing my Red Mage AF 2. Aggro level 48ish bees in Crawler’s Nest, didn’t Warp back home fast enough and result in the warp of my dead body . Fortunately, there are plenty of higher levels around which give me a Rasie II (which recover 75% of my experience lost).

Most embressing KO for me so far.


Hitting the big 5-0


That’s how my party reacted when I hit level 50 with my Red Mage in the MMORPG Final Fantasy Online the past Sunday.

I’ve been playing the game since last Nov, and only took 2 weeks off when I was off to Hong Kong. It took roughly 5 months to get to this point in the game. When the game was first released 2 years ago in Japan, level 50 was the cap, since then the level cap had been risen to 75.

My current sub is Black Mage and I am only 200 experience points away from maxing my sub (to Lvl 25) which I can use Aspir…

I know it sounds like foregin to some, but it’s truly an amazing experience playing this game. I converse with a lot of European, Japanese, people from East Coast, Mid-West, and a lot of the times I party with Hawaiian since I usually play late at night (which is their prime time). We all try to block out the daily crap we have to deal with and just enjoy ourselves in this alternative world… I know it sounds so Matrix and geekish, and it is.

Anyways, the picture you see here is me “farming” a giant for drops and gil (money) a few weeks back. I look rather good in it, but since then I have been upgrading my equipment to more “Level 50 like”. But all I can afford to pick up are some lame Mage specific stuff… I mean, those stuff looks great maybe on a {Mithra} or a {Taru}, but shit… those crap are so GAY on me!

Send in the Fashion Police in MMORPG!

To dos:

– Rank 6 Mission
– Finish Genkai 1 (just need one more item)
– Finish the Ninja Quest – Be a Ninja blink tank – which is completely a different style for me to approach the game
– and much much more…

See you in Vanad’iel /wave


FFXI and Blogging

I was going through my Web Blog site stat, and notice a link from this site which turns out to be a fellow blogger/FFXI gamer. She’s a lvl 71 Mithra Bard. It’s a very pleasant surprise to know someone is checking you out…. It’s rare for someone that can blog and play FFXI at the same time since both can be time consuming. ^_^;


If you can be any race of your choice, what would you be?

Obviously, not in RL. But in the world of MMORPG FFXI , you can choose to be one of the 5 different races. You can pick between Hume, Elvaan, Galka, Taru, and Mithra. For Galka, and Mithra, they are asexual male and female respectively.

Here’s a very interesting break down on what uses actually pick in the game:

humes (40.95%)
tarus (22.63%)
elvaans (20.21%)
mithras (10.68%)
galkas (5.53%)

I guess majority are still happy being “hume” after all…