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Some bags are OK. Some are not.

Heard this on the radio actually. To help streamline airport laptop screening, TSA has been working with manufacturers on “X-ray ready” laptop cases that do not require the passenger to take the laptop out of the bag…. I wonder if Incase is working on something nice…


Agency 3.0? Razorfish 2.0 of the Web 2.0 era?

Do you still remember Razorfish of the Web 1.0 days? Most of the ex-Razorfish I have worked with in the past are always super smart, and super savvy.

I still clearly remember their famous line “Everything that can be digitized will be digitized.” Close to 10 years later, the statement clearly still stands.

Saw the MocoNews story on Agency 3.0. I can’t help but wonder if Agency 3.0 is the new Razorfish. Designing, implementing, and monetizing online and mobile (of course) content… it sounds a lot like the Razorfish of the old days doesn’t it?


How to “fix” Yahoo!

Now that I am on the “outside” for 8+ months, I feel like I should say a few things on how “I” feel Yahoo! should be fixed. These are just my 2 cents, not meant to aim at any group, any BU, or anyone for that matter, but someone should take note.
Social network. Forget this new Mash thing. Isn’t it just like the 360?

Yahoo! probably has one of oldest “social network” on the internet and that’s called the Yahoo! Messenger. It’s active. It’s live. It’s sticky, and great for flirts. I doubt any “page based” social network can be as sticky as Y! Messenger.
You want Twitter like function? That’s called “status” in Y! Messenger since the late 90s’. Not to mention, passing around funny / interesting links and URL in Y! Messenger virally has been done for so long all with Y! IM’s status message.
My point being, the Messenger platform is great for social networking – you don’t need to add any friends in there (duh) which all new social networks have to. Why don’t Y! build something around that?

Yahoo! Mail. Can I get the “Flickr treatment” on the Yahoo! Mail? I want something clean, white, but with plenty of native-app AJAX like features – but not a slow down browser experience. Dare I say, bring back the OddPost like UI. I know, that looks like Outlook express, but we all want something very light weight for email.
Hosting, Domains, and e-commerce products. There’s plenty of $$$$ to be made there. Y! should consider spinning off the operation into a separate independent company to compete with Go Daddy for domain and hosting, and or other higher end e-commerce solutions. Plenty of smart folks in the group, but they are constrained by the consumer focused nature of the mother ship.

Buy Gawker or Weblogs Inc. like content /blog network. I am sick of looking at Y!’s home page main content area to only find interesting content (mostly videos) I’ve already saw on other content network a few days ago. Y! needs to own those content and be the first to provide those on the home page.

Fix search (especially image search might be too tactical, but it bugs me). With SafeSearch turned on (note: both Yahoo! and Google use the same term “SafeSearch”. Interesting.) searching for the term “Dream Girls” and there’s a much higher chance you will find “riskay” images on Yahoo! compare to Google. I know I really should use the term “Dreamgirls”, but even with the space, I am getting more appropriate and likely matching images on Google. Tiny details, but let’s start to fix little things from there.


EOS – Not the Camera + Random Branding Thoughts

I’ve always admire companies that’s are good at launching “product brands”.

“Playstation”, “EOS”, “Macintosh” are just a few I can name quickly.

It’s interesting the so-called “Internet companies” have a much harder time (or maybe lack of $$$) to launch “product brands”. I mean, you always see Yahoo! this or Google that. How boring.

But what about “recycle” of brand name that is already being used?

Volkswagen just launched a new car named EOS. EOS of course is the famous Canon camera line. I wonder what causes VW to consider EOS.


Two Good Ad Campaigns

Two really well executed Ad campaign everyone should take note.

First one
is the current 2007 Toyota Prius “Yes!” campaign. In the TV commercial, you’ll
see Prius owners answering the question “Would you buy another Prius again?” by
holding up a big “Yes!” sign. The commercial itself is merely ok, but the brilliant
part is Toyota also sent the Prius owners (like myself) the same “Yes!” sticker
– hoping the Prius owner would put the stick on their cars and be a part of the integrated
marketing effort. Good stuff.

Second campaign
I like a lot is the viral campaign by Joost. Try to build demand for the P2P TV
app, instead of freely available free download; you have no easy way to sign up
for Beta. The only way one can get your hands on the app is by getting an
invite through a friend (similar to how the original gmail invite works). Since
Joost allows one to invite many friends (100?) into the Beta trial, you start
to see bloggers announcing on their blogs that they have invites for you to
join. All you have to do is to leave a comment on the blog. I saw many blog
sites that did that, and MANY people leave comments on those sites. Again,
being viral and let the users do the work for you…. It’s all good.