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The User Experience of “See you soon.”

Today I drove to the city next to where I live to get some cheap gas. After filling up the tank, I took the usual freeway on ramp and head home.

I noticed the special details this neighboring city put into the landscaping next to freeway on ramp. It wasn’t there in the past.

That reminds me of the various airport departing lounge. The ones that really made me want to stay are the ones in Hong Kong, Osaka, and Frankfurt. Services, real shops, real places to eat had made me want to stay at those places longer (or return). Heatherow is getting much better too.

I wonder if we can bring the same “warm fuzzy” into Web and Mobile product design? Each time you leave the app, you get such a nice feeling that you simply can’t wait to come back for more.


Your brand in other’s mind.

From Seth Godin’s blog: “Brand Tag is a simple game where you pick one-word associations to go with major brands. The result pages are actually pretty inane, but the magical way each and every one of these brands compels you to think is fascinating”. (Note: the typographic tag cloud layout is interesting too)

Check it out.


Do you need “Badass” security software? I certainly don’t.

Since when “Badass” is an acceptable terms for corporate marketing or communication?

If you live in the Bay Area, driving down 101 around South San Francisco area you will run into a McAfee billboard that said, “Hackers are bad. We’re Badass“.

I am all for creative copy writing and edgy stuff, but last I want from my security and anti-virus software is a brand that’s “looking for trouble” or try to tick off the hacker community. Bad move.


EOS – Not the Camera + Random Branding Thoughts

I’ve always admire companies that’s are good at launching “product brands”.

“Playstation”, “EOS”, “Macintosh” are just a few I can name quickly.

It’s interesting the so-called “Internet companies” have a much harder time (or maybe lack of $$$) to launch “product brands”. I mean, you always see Yahoo! this or Google that. How boring.

But what about “recycle” of brand name that is already being used?

Volkswagen just launched a new car named EOS. EOS of course is the famous Canon camera line. I wonder what causes VW to consider EOS.