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Bad 80s’ song predicted the future…

iTunes is a great. Since I have started using it, I no longer have to go to Rasputin and be shamed by the check out clark (becuase of the "bad 80’s music" I picked up).

Tonight I download a bunch of Johnny Hates Jazz from iTunes… You know, Shattered Dream, Turn Back the Clock, and I Don’t Want to Be a Hero etc… Oh boy.

I was shocked by I Don’t Want to Be a Hero’s lyrics:

"Oh send me off to war with a gun in my hand

But I won’t pull the trigger
Our destiny is here ‘neath the red white and blue
So lead me to the slaughter

Now don’t be afraid come and join the parade
For the ultimate in sacrifice
It’s an old-fashioned story of hope and of glory
A ticket for taking a life

Oh send me off to war in a far away land
I never knew existed
Subject me to the truth to the horror and pain
Until my mind is twisted"

War in Iraq anyone? I have to listen to the song a few times to make sure it’s not my mind playing tricks on me… Yeah, John Hates Jazz was writing about the 2005 War in Iraq… or something… Of course, the song can also about late 60s’, early 70s’. My point? I really don’t have one. Just a catchy 80s’ song that I like with some interesting lyrics… I suppose…


The boys are back. Again. LAI in SF.

Thanks to Trace pointing this out once again.

From Caracas, Venezuela, Los Amigos Invisibles write songs for dancing. And sex. A mix of latin funk, acid jazz, early disco, and ass shaking grooves…this is the most authentic South American party-scene you’ll come across without a passport.

Get ready to turn on the green light of the Gozadera and celebrate winter’s end at Bimbo’s 365 Club on Friday, April 15. ¡Vaya lo!


How does it feel? New Order@Oakland

More concert to come. Trace sent me a quick note this morning, and looks like Bay Area New Order / 80s’/ 90s’ Electronica fans are in for a real treat on April 29th. Apparently, this is a one-off performance and not part of a tour.

…Which reminds me, at one time, I actually ran into Hooky @ San Francisco Japan Town Kinokuniya Book Store (!). It was during the Monaco era (Hooky’s side project). At the time, Monaco had a concert at San Francisco. Right before the show I was suppose to met up with a few Ceremony folks at J-town. I got there early so I was just wondering around… and a person look very much like Hooky walked out from the story (he’s much shorter than I thought), so I walked up you him and asked, "Hay, are you Peter Hook?" He said,  "Yes." I said, "See you at the show!" shake his hand and said goodbye to him… Pretty surreal.


/04 Sakamoto

It’s actually very hard for me to "review" Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music since I pretty much buy whatever he releases (although I usually pick and choose in terms of his soundtracks… I don’t buy *everything*…).

/04 is new. In fact, it is the import JP version. I can’t wait 5-6 months for the US release. 😛 /04, continues the "piano-thing" that’s Sakamoto been on for a few years now, but no complain from me.

According to one person on the YMO Mailing List (before I got a chance to listen to it myself), /04 include 6 new tracks, 6 new arrangements and 2 old tracks.Turns out the "old track" Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is actually a new performance. The joy! The new performance is one of the slowest version I have heard. (also, check out my friend BK’s version here as well. Good stuff too.)

Just buy it damn it. More people need to learn about his music.


Mozz is back

Who would have thought the new Morrissey release is something I could download straight from the internet via Apple’s iTune? It was like, what, 7 years already since his last album? I love his new opening track “America Is Not The World”:

America your head’s too big, Because America, Your belly’s too big
And I love you, I just wish you’d stay where you is

In America, The land of the free, they said, And of opportunity, In a just and a truthful way
But where the president, Is never black, female or gay, And until that day
You’ve got nothing to say to me, To help me believe

In America, It brought you the hamburger, Well America you know where, You can shove your hamburger
And don’t you wonder, Why in Estonia they say, Hey you, Big fat pig
You fat pig, You fat pig

LOL. Typical crap from Mozz, yet he made everything so catchy that you have to sing along to. “Irish Blood English Heart” is also a pretty good tune. After I listen to Mozz’s new tunes, I ended up digging up some classic Smiths tracks on Hatful of Hallow and have another listen. ‘Glad Mozz is still around.



I first discovered Magnatune via the classical radio area in Apple’s iTune application. The stuff are the usual monk chant, baroque, and chamber music. Nothing grand nor crazy. What’s interesting, is that, I have been “blasting” their music whenever I am playing FFXI online mainly because Minge Migs will not fit the mood, nor Chinese pop diva like Sammi Cheng.

I have since downloaded 2 “full album” at Magnatune which give you full access to the CD quality WAV files as well as the usual high quality non-drm mp3/AAC.

If you have iTune on you computer… try it out, you might like what you hear.


Los Amigos Invisibles in San Francisco (again)

The boys from Venezuela are back once again. I think in the past few years, I have at least check out there live show 5 times in San Francisco… The are no doubt one of the coolest “guy band” out there. Funk, soul, dance, disco, latin… Although, I don’t speak Spanish, I still love to sing along to there songs. They will be at Bimbos 365 SF once again on Friday June 11. Do check them out if you are in town.

The are very, very entertaining live.


Digging Your Scene by Ivy

The other George found this tune on iTunes music store. It’s Ivy’s cover version of Digging Your Scene originally by The Blow Monkeys. Haha… I thought there are like 5 people in this world know about The Blow Monkey… guess not… Remember The Blow Monkeys? Curiosity Kill the Cats? The Style Council? Arrr… 80s’ British stuff….

I grew up under the whole British Hong Kong thing (not that’s good or bad, just the way it was), so exposure to British Pop was just that… more so than my “American friends”.

“Hay, what did I hear you say ayyy~~~ You know, it doesn’t have to be that way~~~” It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way – The Blow Monkeys


Anthony Wong Live 03 DVD

No, he’s not William Hung. It’s a shame that mainstream America only has limited exposure to some really talented Chinese/Hong Kong Pop Stars… One of the artist that I love over the years is Anthony Wong. He’s been around since the mid 80s’ as the front man of the synth-pop duo DatMing-Pair. Back then, with their clever lyrics and heavy use of synth, they were the closest thing you can get in terms of “Hong Kong Alternative”… Songs that talk about gay culture, social problems and endanger teens were not that hard to find in Western music, but DatMaing-Pair was the first group that bring the theme to the scene.

After DatMing broke up in early 90s, Anthony has a mildly successful solo career… Be honest, not all of his songs are that great and some of them I would even consider boring… haha… but once in a while, he and his creative team (People Mountain People Sea) can still deliver…

Now I am regretting I didn’t go back to Hong Kong last year and check out his 03 live show. The costumes were outrageous and um… what can I say “GREAT”…. They remind me of early Juan Paul Gaultier outfits with heavy mixture of raw punk… To my surprise, the new music arrangement at the concert was also heavily synthed to the 70’s and 80’s snyth sound…the original Moog sound, Kraftwerk you know…. Having 4 people dressed in red and standing in front of the stage playing keyboard motionlessly is also oh-so-YMO and oh-so-Pet Shop Boys.

Tears could come down from my eyes. lol.

DatMing-Pair will be back together one more time and release a new album later this year, and a concert is also promised. I’ll probably go back and check out the show later this year.

Keep up the good work, Anthony. We’re still listening and watching.