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Sakamoto & Nokia 8800

Ryuichi Sakamoto composed a set of "sound skin" for the new Nokia 8800 phone. Go check it out and have a listen. It’s typical Sakamoto stuff which means…. um… freakin’ GOOD. Wonder if we will see the song like ringtone release on a CD. 😛

Nokia certainly knows their target audience (who, me?) sleek phone and damn fine music/sound skin…. Product Marketing at its’ best.

I also shared the intel with BK, and he had some interesting comment:

"I like how ‘Ryuichi Sakamoto Sound Design’ is slotted right
in between ‘Scratch-resistant Glass Screen’ and ‘Unique slide

Sakamoto’s music is just a
"feature" indeed. Also since the phone will set you back $1,000 US, he also said:

"maybe I’ll just uhhh convert some Sakamoto songs into polyphonic MIDI files and use those instead – Ghetto Sakamoto"

That’s an option too.


Happy Birthday Y!

Marketplace had a story on Yahoo!’s 10th birthday last night. It was weird to hear that on the radio while I drove home… The story is a little "raah-rahh", but there’s still a lot of truth in it. What’s funny is, today, I received an e-mail from my sister, and she ask me where she can get free ice cream… Anyhoo, happy birthday Y!!


Mac Mini, Shuffle and poor Sony.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Mac Mini is actually not as cheap as you think if you add all the things you really need like Bluetooth and AirPort. (i.e. the configuration I want is $952.00)
  • It’s also the re-birth of PowerMac G4 Cube in terms of the design concept.
  • The outter case makes it looks like the old Macintosh HD icon. haha
  • Shuffle is great! Apple will sell a tone of these in Asian countries because of the right form factor and the neck strap/landyard.
  • Looking forward to the color versions of Shuffle soon….
  • I am getting both!!!

And OMG, poor Kunitake Ando. I fee really bad for him/Sony. How he wish Sony can put together a presentation like this with such a wide selection of good products. Don’t worry Mr. Ando, you guys still have PSP. /comfort (note: watch the Steve’s note at Apple, and you will know what I mean)



So I received my Nokia N-GAGE QD from EB last night. First I pop in my Cingular SIM card and tested out the sound of the phone by calling Alison. She was sleepy so we didn’t talk much. Ha-ha, good… more time for me to geek-out with my new phone.

Since QD is an “unlocked” GSM phone, so you can use it with you existing SIM from Cingular, AT&T, or T-Mobile. BTW, the phone sounds pretty clear – better than my SE T-630.

The second thing I did was try to synch it with my Mac via Bluetooth. That also went well. The only challenge was at first, both devices were having trouble finding each other. Then I went through the process of pairing the 2 devices via Apple’s Bluetooth Setup Assistance, after that, synching was not an issue at all.

As a side note,’s respond rate was really bad last night. I had a hard time getting my appointments and data download from

Some quick pros and cons of the Nokia QD:

Pros: Rather compact device with game, GSM phone, Calendar, To Do, Address Book, WAP browser, IMAP e-mail all packed into one. The retro 80s’ software UI is kinda cool.

They fixed the “Side Talk” issue so you won’t look like a dork when you are talking on the phone.

Cons: Dual band GSM only. Weird placement of the power button – on the rubber plastic rim. Non-gamer will find the user-interface “non-standard” (both the hardware/software). Should have come with a wider screen instead of vertical screen.

They fixed the “Side Talk” so you can’t look like a dork when you are talking on the phone.

With shipping and tax, this “game phone” will run you about $200 US…. “Cheap thrill” till the release of Sony PSP.

Now I need games. Suggestions?


Apple’s new displays…

Well, all the rumors are true… They sure are sexy. To quote my friend Joe, “The cheapest display apple sells is now $1,300. I guess Apple decided to stop selling displays to normal people.” lol…


iPod (and Saab) UI

saabOne of the coolest thing about the iPod is the twist-and-press software interface that allows you to navigate through a hierarchical menu system. What’s surprising, is that, iPod is not the first place we see this kind of interface. Saab’s automotive SID (System Information Display) had been doing that for at least 5 years to my knowledge. Take a look at the pic below. The “twist nob” you see can control the “scrolling” of the menu items. Press the “twist nob” result in a selection state. The only missing thing (in iPod’s term) is the slick “side sliding effect” you see.


Microsoft patents computer clicks

This is actually not a joke. The patent, number 6,727,830, was granted on April 27.

I think the patent only applies to PDAs or Smart Phones since the patent mention ” limited resource computing device”. It’s actually a rather smart move, I think the “click” here also only refers to the using a stylus or a phone keypad since there’s no mention of mouse specific clicks.

On my Sony/Ericsson phone I actually observers this kind of behavior already… When you click on the keypad “4” and hold it for more than a second, it will bring up all the “G H I” names in the address book. I don’t know how legally it’s going to work, but this “new” Microsoft patent is really nothing “new”.